Finding the perfect website copywriter shouldn’t be hard, I mean…

you need words,
and I talk too much

I’d say that’s a match made in Tinder heaven,
wouldn’t you agree?

Finding the perfect website copywriter shouldn’t be hard, I mean…

you need words,
and I talk too much

I’d say that’s a match made in Tinder heaven,
wouldn’t you agree?

Words sell. We all know that. But not just any words.

Words that capture your reader by their piercing blue eyeballs, hold their gaze, and seduce them.

Words that make your readers’ fingers tremble till they surrender to their desires and swipe right.

Words that help you and your reader take the next step in your relationship. 

Second base, if you will.

Make no mistake, the copywriting on your website matters; it’s the connector between you and your perfect match.

My copywriting services could be the answer to all your potential clients’ swiping right.

I may not have moves like Jagger, but I do have words with swagger.

Question is, how quickly do you want to get to second base with your reader?

Your perfect match is ready to meet someone just like you…

so where are you and your website?

Just like a first date, first impressions count. In a digital world of noise and distraction, you wanna make sure the copywriting on your website is as catchy as a Tinder bio. Otherwise, your perfect match is gonna keep scrolling until they find a better option – someone with snappy words and a killer profile pic. #competition

Here’s the truth: connecting with a person through writing can be difficult. Especially via a website. Do you know you have mere seconds to hook your reader before they bounce off to another site? Seconds. And there’s so much to say…so many details. But then, you don’t wanna overshare and scare your reader – coz you’re risking being friend-zoned, or worse, never-speak-to-again-zoned. Ouch.

And I mean, where do you start? Sometimes that blinking cursor can be intimidating AF. We’ve all heard of writer’s block; a blinking cursor (with an entire website to write) is equivalent to turning up to a blind date in yesterday’s underwear, hairy-legged, and completely unprepared for the evening. It’s nerve-wracking and not really a turn on.

Picture of Jacob Wolki standing on his family farm in Albury, NSW, Australia

“Stacey has been integral to getting our e-commerce website off the ground! She put a huge amount of effort into industry research and her SEO copy is impressive. Very easy to deal with and very efficient. Thank you Stacey!”

– Jacob Wolki –

Founder of Wolki Farm

Take the relationship with your website reader from casual to committed

minus the time-wasting-no-string-flings

What if you could avoid the pre-date stress of that blinking cursor by hiring a website copywriter? Giving you time to preen your luscious locks (or your product) for that first date? 

What if someone could write about your product or service in a way that had your readers falling head over heels with your brand, swiping right, and choosing you?

What if your copywriting not only attracted your perfect match, but also protected you from being catfished by repelling the tyre kickers and price hagglers?

It can. We can make it happen together. But not like an item – I’ll be the sidelining wingman. Don’t worry, you won’t have to put a ring on it.

Get the conversions
(not just the clicks)

Bang-on brand
(it’ll sound like you wrote it—but betterer)

Saving you time
(for important things, like selling stuff)

Saving you headspace
(no-one enjoys a blinking cursor)

You + Me = $$$

Experience is everything, you and I both know that.

I also know a thing or two about being a good (writing) wingwoman. 

It’s about sitting in your reader’s shoes; truly understanding their wants and needs.

Now, I’m not a therapist – but I am an empathetic soul, which kinda feels the same some days.

My secret copywriting passion potion also contains a splash of love witchery and witty writing. That’s it. 

100% free of preservatives, additives, and fake stuff that makes you feel good when you buy it, and terrible 2.47 minutes later.

I take your awesomeness, my wordnerdiness, and boil it all up into website copywriting that sells – and most importantly, sounds like you.

Then I wrap all the words up in a sexified bow, so you can take them out to market and have all those perfect matches swiping right for yours truly…you. 

“I hired Stacey to help me with a complete copy overhaul for my website – and boy, did she deliver! Stacey went to great lengths to really get to know me, my business, and my clients.

She takes her work seriously – and provides insightful questions and practical tips to help business owners express themselves more clearly and effectively. Along with that, she is just an awesome human to work with – honest, approachable, and exceptionally talented.

I’d highly recommend Stacey’s copywriting services to anyone in business wanting to ramp up their messaging, visibility, and sales.”

– Courtney Rogers –

Founder, Court and Co

Here’s what happens when choose me as your website copywriter 

You slide into my DMs with the deets – or simply fill out my quick questionnaire here

I get excited about your vision and come back to you with package and pricing options

You pick a package, we meet on Zoom; I bring the Tim Tams, you bring the brand guidance

I deliver the goods…every tantalising, non-vanilla word. I’ll even have Google swiping right

You offer constructive criticism or tear my words to pieces. I’ll make it right every time

We wrap your words up in a provocative bow – you sell all your goods to your perfect match

It’s time for your milkshake words to bring all the boys (and girls) to the yard.

Let’s get a handle on those expectations

Search Engine Lovin’

If you’re not nurturing your relationship with Google, you’ve already lost. Because put simply, you’ll never get the damn date. SEO copywriting is about writing copy that not only gives your target audience all the feels, but also gets all up in Google’s search results. I know the exact (key)words that’ll have Google dropping your deets into the search results of only the best potential dates.

Tone of voice (TOV)

Let’s talk branding–how you look; how you act; how you sound. You may not know this, but branding is key to standing out in the sea of sameness. Distinctive branding attracts your ride-or-die customers and keeps ‘em coming back for more. All my packages include a complementary branding session so we can nail your brand personality and tone of voice, and so the copy I write sounds like your brand wrote it.

User Experience (UX)

Your reader’s on your website; you got the date. Congrats. But the game isn’t won. Don’t confuse a click with conversion–ya’ll ain’t going all the way. Yet. You need to woo your date; take them on a journey of exploration…without overwhelming or confusing them. You want them to intuitively find that ‘buy now’ button feeling informed and at ease. I can help with that.

Customer interviews

You can hire all the professionals, pay for all the traffic, and cold-call all the people. All these actions (may) sell your thing. But…there’s one marketing effort that’ll (most) definitely sell your thing: speaking to your current ride-or-dies. See, they’ve experienced your service/product, and they see it from an angle that neither you or I, (or any other professional) does; they understand your customer’s perspective. We want to tap into that.

Wireframed for success

So you’ve got the wooing words and impressive images, but how do you take this content and display it on your website? I mean, you could throw it all on there, cross your fingers, and hope you get the sale, or, you can make it easy for your reader (pleasurable, even). My wireframes are a visual reference you can use to see exactly how your content will look and feel on your website. Need a bit of help building that website? I offer website packages, with the help of my team.

Ongoing support

Look, I’m not a hit-it-and-quit-it kinda copywriter. I’m here to see you succeed. Fun fact: I’m a (non-boring) accountant by trade, meaning I’m infatuated by numbers. If you choose me, I’m afraid you’re stuck with me #kindaclingy. Consider me your ride-or-die-copywriter. I’ma want updates, data, and all the juicy deets so I can use my seductive skills to tweak it. Hard.  (Your copy, I mean. Get your mind outta the gutter).

“I recently engaged Stacey Fulton to review content for the Chamber’s new website. I chose her because after our initial meeting, I felt confident that we shared a common language. She was able to craft our messaging in a way that was both professional yet personal and most importantly fun… an element often lost in business. I found working with Stacey to be delightful, as she was well-organised and delivered exactly what I needed when she said she would. I would highly recommend engaging her services.”

– Stacey Randell –

Chamber Engagement Manager, Penrith Chamber of Commerce

You already know you need a website, but do you really need a copywriter?

You’re ready for a word-writing-wingwoman if:

  • You’ve got something incredible to sell, but you’re struggling to articulate how your thing is going to change the life of your perfect person

  • You’re tired of staring at a blinking cursor, forcing out paragraphs of lack-lustre words that’ll only convert your mum

  • You’re spending too much time perusing competitor websites, feeling the urge to buy their stuff instead of your own

  • You’re ready to stand up and make some damn noise, but you haven’t done the work on your brand voice yet

  • You’re afraid of being ‘that’ first-date who shows up incessantly talking about themself and flashing their bits, expecting a home-run. If you haven’t considered this outcome, you should. It happens a lot. And it’s just as scary in the virtual space as it is in real life.

Nice website words are enticing, BUT

the perfect website words bring ROI

We all know ROI comes with investment.

picture of Stacey Fulton who is a freelance copywriter in Sydney

I’m not just a pretty face, but I am a damn good copywriter

Hey there, I’m Stacey – a freelance copywriter based in Albury, NSW.

I’m the writer of witty words round here. I keep ‘em short, sharp, smart, and full of spunk. I craft them for folk who want their brand to stand out in this noisy world. I’m also an alliteration addict. Can you tell?

When I’m not scribbling my random thoughts on any scrap of paper I can find, I’m a mum to many, a wife to a first response emergency officer, a foster carer, a volunteer, and the owner of three family businesses. 

I believe a well written story is the best way to cut through sales sleaze and get straight to the heart, be it through humour or tears (or a bit of both).

Story showcases the values of the storyteller, and gives us an insight into their persona like nothing else can. This either draws a reader in, or pushes them away – either way it helps the reader decide if you’re the scotch finger to their latte.

With story, the conversation becomes more about entertainment, and less about selling. But sales happen. Lots of sales. Because your client is involved in a genuine conversation, about a genuine solution to a genuine problem. 

Which incidentally ends in you making bank, and your ideal client’s problem solved. Everyone wins.

“We couldn’t be happier with Stacey’s work and would recommend her to anyone! (Well, almost anyone. If you want to be boring with average results – stay clear. Please).”

– Chantal –

Chief Exploring Lioness, Katberg Tech & Digital

Clients who chose me as their ride-or-die

well, a few...I'm not exactly monogamous

Image of the NIB logo, one of Stacey Fulton's copywriting clients
Image of the NIB logo, one of Stacey Fulton's copywriting clients
Logo of Stacey Fulton's copywriting client, Anytime Counselling
Stacey Fulton loved working with Wolki Farm to bring their copywriting vision to life.
Thank you Creo Wealth for endorsing your experience with Stacey Fulton copywriting, the pleasure was all mine!
In case you missed it, Stacey Fulton is not just a copywriter but also a certified number nerd as a BAS agent over at Save My Books small business bookkeeping.
As a copywriter at Stacey Fulton, it's such a pleasure to work with businesses like Melinda Hird Photography.
Join Allied Business Accounts in the Stacey Fulton copywriting hall of fame.
Join Allied Business Accounts in the Stacey Fulton copywriting hall of fame.
Join RedTie and other happy customers of Stacey Fulton small business copywriting and marketing.
eFriend Logo Client of Sydney copywriter
Stacey Fulton copywriting is thrilled to share a collaboration with Central Coast based Phoenix Health & Fitness
eFriend Logo Client of Sydney copywriter
eFriend Logo Client of Sydney copywriter
eFriend Logo Client of Sydney copywriter
Stacey Fulton loved working with Wolki Farm to bring their copywriting vision to life.
Join Allied Business Accounts in the Stacey Fulton copywriting hall of fame.
Ignite Velvet Rope logo demonstrating the partnership with Stacey Fulton copywriting and marketing services.
Being Logo Client of Sydney copywriter
Nepean Neuropsychological Services are one of the many great folks we have the pleasure of working with at Stacey Fulton copywriting.
Small Biz HQ has joined the hall of fame at Stacey Fulton copywriting headquarters.
Another happy client at Stacey Fulton copywriting - Millions of Women Strong.
WhyQ and why wait to engage Stacey Fulton small business copywriter?
Katberg Logo Client of Sydney copywriter
Camping and 4WD DownUnder is my youngest business baby.
Total Aesthetics Logo Client of Sydney copywriter
Image of the NIB logo, one of Stacey Fulton's copywriting clients
Logo of Stacey Fulton's copywriting client, Anytime Counselling
You could join LEC Electrical as one of my favourite clients at Stacey Fulton small business copywriting.
Join Allied Business Accounts in the Stacey Fulton copywriting hall of fame.
Join Allied Business Accounts in the Stacey Fulton copywriting hall of fame.
Join Allied Business Accounts in the Stacey Fulton copywriting hall of fame.
White River Design in Stacey Fulton's little black book of clients.
JARVIS, another small business kicking goals after engaging Stacey Fulton small business copywriting.

Truth is, you need to sell your amazing product or service, and a website is the perfect place to do it.
You can try with vanilla copywriting, but it’s a hard no in Christian Grey’s book – and mine too.
Your reader wants to read website copywriting that’s full of personality, spunk, and kink.
They want you to articulate their guilty pleasures – without making them feel guilty.
I can deliver that, and some.

I’m not the whip to everyone’s Red Room

If you’ve made it this far into my website, you’ve realised I write with punch – I get a kick out of writing what you’re thinking, but are too scared to say. I hope I’ve (metaphorically) touched you, made you blush, snort, or laugh (or, even better, aroused the climatic trifecta). Most of all, I hope my writing is engaging all your senses; compelling you to take action and become my client – cos that’s my end goal.

My words and mannerisms aren’t for everyone – some people genuinely don’t want mentions of Red Rooms in their inboxes. I respect that. Great brand messaging isn’t just being witty, funny, or loud. It can be nurturing, optimistic, sophisticated, down-to-earth…to name a few. Trick is, it has to be consistent and engaging, or I’m out (and so is your reader).

I’ve written for many niches (for both small, medium, and large businesses) – from finance to mental health, and everything in between. But I always write from the heart of your reader, and if you’re too scared to delve into their personal space, then I’m not the nerd for your words, sorry.

picture of Stacey Fulton who is a freelance copywriter in Sydney

Here’s the deal-breaker: I’m on a mission to make the world a better place for my children to grow up in *collective awwww*. If your business profits from marginalising the vulnerable, exploiting animals, or just being plain shady, you’re best off hitting up Fiverr–sorry boo, it’s not me, it’s you.

Speaking of Fiverr…let’s address the elephant in the room: cost.

I get it, hiring a copywriter is an investment, and I may be a little too Confident-Cabernet-Copywriter, when your budget only allows for Cheap-Chardonnay-Copywriter. No offence taken here, I’ll take my bold earthy tones elsewhere. Whatever you decide, puh-lease don’t go to Fiverr–hit me up and I’ll send you deets of some cheaper (but still profesh) copywriters.

“If you are looking for a copywriter that is not only an engaging, adaptable and easy-to-work-with wordsmith but also a sharp-as-a-tack strategist who knows all about making the most of funnels, conversions and all that overwhelming stuff – then look no further! You’re right where you should be as Stacey is the BOMB!”

– Debbie O’Connor –

Founder of White River Design, CEO at The Creative Fringe, brand strategist and keynote speaker

My guarantee

Dropping a few grand on your next copywriting project can feel risky, especially if you’ve been burned by other copywriters in the past. Allow me to soothe that what-if-this-doesn’t-work feeling in the bottom of your gut.

No, I don’t offer refunds, because I value my skills and the high quality results I bring. But, I also won’t just throw pages of words at you, expecting you to love and pay for them without any input. We’ll walk together, hand-in-hand, creating website copywriting magic. You’ll always feel seen and heard with multiple briefings and copy drafts.

Just in case you’re still not convinced…

I, Stacey Fulton, hereby declare to stand by you, ‘till website does us part…only, the website won’t do us part, because I’ll hang around for weeks, months, heck, years after you launch it. Together, we’ll watch your website grow and prosper in the customer-getting-machine you’ve always dreamed of.

*psst* this is the part where you say “I do”.

Avert your eyes


Ok, cover your eyes, cos I’m about to drop the final *kapow*. Be warned: it involves outlandish promises of money, which always makes me feel a little ‘car salesman-ish’, but here goes…

Imagine you’re sitting on your expensive Chesterfield leather lounge, clad in your exquisite velour tracksuit, chihuahua on your lap, martini in one hand, and tv remote in the other. You’re exhausted after a big week of sailing around on your private yacht, so you’ve decided to take a day to focus on yourself. You know, fill your own cup for a change. ‘Cept you can’t hear the tv, cos your phone won’t shut the eff up. That PayPal ping is relentless. Day and night, it just keeps ringing its own damn bell.

What a predicament, hey?

Who would have thought that hiring Stacey to write your website copy would result in the constant interruption of money depositing into your bank?

 It’s time to decide:

browsing or buying?

Still on the fence?
Thinking of saving me in the ‘maybe later’ folder?
Wanna jump on a Zoom call, get lost in my *tired-from-too-many-kids* green eyes, and see if we would be the perfect match?

“Stacey: the Queen of killer copy that engages AND converts. Power punch!

Stacey understands the importance of knowing your audience, working together to reach an end goal, and has a natural ability to nail the brief every.single.time!

Her witty and easy-going approach to work (and life) makes the process exciting and painless.

I am constantly intrigued as to how Stacey will approach the next piece of content and she never disappoints. Anyone that can make me consider taking up hula-hooping or constantly make me spray choccy milk out of my nose takes the cake.

What else could you ask for in a copywriting sidekick?!”

– Lisa Millstead –

Copy Editor, Corekshuns

So…can I be the (not-so-sexy) nerd for your word?

I have two options below for us to chat


Pop your details in the contact form and I’ll send you a little love note (reply email) with some deets

No question will go unanswered…unless you’re one of those spammy SEO companies. In short, if you send me unsolicited (spam) emails, I’ll get a ‘lil pissed.


Schedule a Zoom call, get lost in my *tired-from-too-many-kids* green eyes, and see if we would be the perfect match

“Stacey is incredible! We absolutely love her wit and way with words. She just knows how to add the perfect amount of personality in her copywriting that speaks to our clients and from their point of view.

She is thorough and prompt and we recommend her highly! You won’t be disappointed.”

– Russel Francis –

Managing Director, Red Velvet Entertainment