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Know what’s cool? When you create a brand experience for your customer that goes beyond your website. I’m talking about infusing your brand personality through all the components of your customer’s journey, especially where they’ll least expect it.

Like for instance, after they book a discovery call with yours truly. You know, where you’d typically receive a standard Zoom call confirmation. Boring, snoring.

I mean, could there be a better time to set the tone for your time together? Perhaps take some of the apprehension out of the call and increase your customer’s chances of actually showing up? I think not.

It’s fair to say Katberg Digital (and their customers) agree.


Step into the e-jungle with Stacey Fulton and let her take the copywriting wheel for your business.


Image of Chantal Bronkhorst of Katberg sharing her excitement after engaging non-boring copywriter, Stacey Fulton.

Chantal Bronkhorst

Chief Exploring Lioness, Katberg Tech and Digital (Agency)

Stacey Fulton – Our wingwoman, The A++ wheels to our Ferrari and magical unicorn piece to our puzzle.

From the very moment the Katberg team met Stacey we felt like we found the missing piece of our puzzle. But Stacey isn’t just any puzzle piece. She’s THE magical puzzle piece with a door that opens up a whole new world of possibilities—intrigued yet?

Katberg is a Digital Agency specialising in combining your digital marketing and web development projects into one well-oiled machine. We LOVE coming up with digital marketing strategies and developing beautiful websites.

Do you know what scares us? Copywriting for our clients…eeek! But…do you know what scares us even more? Developing a brilliant digital marketing strategy and website, only to have someone write boring-as-batshit copy to go along with it. Because then the strategy doesn’t work, and the client blames us.

It’s like building a Ferrari and putting bicycle wheels on it. It won’t live up to its full potential! Stacey is the A++ wheels to our Ferrari.

Okay, that was a lot of metaphors without concrete examples. I hear ya! So how does our relationship with Stacey work?

Our Digital Marketing Process:

  • We engage a new client
  • We come up with a broad digital marketing strategy
  • We then brief Stacey on the strategy, audience and our end goal
  • Stacey then comes up with the creative journey to take the user on via written ads. Her words are never boring. They take the user on a journey they actually want to read while always matching the customers’ brand personality.

When it comes to copywriting for digital marketing, what we specifically like about Stacey (apart from the fact that she has a way with words), is that she gets the digital marketing process. She understands the writing style and funnel strategy required for different digital marketing platforms. This means we don’t have to spend my time explaining it to her. She Just.Gets.It! And sometimes she even gives us ideas on how to improve our strategy.

In essence, when it comes to our digital marketing clients, we love Stacey because she makes us look good and takes a lot of pressure off us. If either, we, the client, or a standard vanilla copywriter had to write the content we’d be back at the Ferrari with the bicycle wheels.

Actual figures

We launched a campaign before Stacey was around that had a $7.45 per conversation cost. Wasn’t bad. BUT when Stacey added her magical touch to the copy the conversion dropped to $1.39 per conversion. Ka-ching! Man, the client loved us (which meant we loved Stacey)!

Our Website Development Process:

  • We design and develop a website based on the client’s brief
  • We strongly encourage the client to engage Stacey to write the copy for their website
  • We then launch a beautiful website that end-users LOVE

Again, Stacey makes us look like superstars. She’s the perfect wingwoman. Or, at the very least, puts A++ wheels on our Ferrari.

Side note: Do you like how we call our service a Ferrari? #confidence (A Ferrari with bicycle wheels, until we met Stacey).

When we were pitching for one of our clients to use Stacey’s copywriting services for their website, he said: “This is weird, I mean, I normally wouldn’t want to read some random copywriting, but this is actually fun to read”.

Some other random fun facts we love about working with Stacey

  • She just gets it. Honestly, this makes a big difference.
  • She’s fast
  • She’s super organised
  • She doesn’t get offended when you give her feedback
  • She genuinely cares about the end result of the work she’s given you
  • She asks for figures so she can improve the copy if needed
  • She won’t just “people please you” for the sake of making you feel good about yourself. If she disagrees with the approach you’re planning on taking, she won’t just blindly follow your brief if she doesn’t believe it will lead to conversions. She’ll state her case and explain why she doesn’t think this will lead to your desired outcome. It’s for your own good. You then come up with a better solution together. But don’t worry, she won’t be a dragon about it and call your baby ugly – she may just suggest a makeover for it.
  • Her writing is versatile – it doesn’t have to be “funny”. For example, she writes for my clients in the mental health space. The tone of voice required for these brands is not humorous at all, it’s very much about connecting with the customer on an emotional level.

We couldn’t be happier with Stacey’s work and would recommend her to anyone! (Well, almost anyone. If you want to be boring with average results – stay clear. Please).