Introducing eFriend: your go-to haven for those moments when the world seems a tad too quiet, and the echo of solitude a bit too loud.

It’s where virtual peer support meets empathy, powered by real-life stories.

Whether it’s a heart-to-heart chat or a shared silence over video or phone, eFriend offers hope and understanding – no strings attached.


Write a Facebook ad speaking to social anxiety.
This style of writing is one of the hardest to craft, as it needs to explain how the sufferer feels in the moment, without triggering the reader.

I enjoy every opportunity I get to write in this space – mental health is an issue that needs to be spoken about more.


A sample of marketing material written by Australian based copywriter and wordsmith, Stacey Fulton.
A portfolio copywriting and marketing piece by Stacey Fulton discussing mental health and anxiety.
More on the effects of covid on suicide numbers and mental health, as written by copywriter Stacey Fulton.
A sample of writing by copywriter Stacey Fulton for The SPARC Cottage, discussing the implications of COVID in suicide and mental health.
As a copywriter, Stacey Fulton discusses the effects of covid on mental health in this portfolio piece.


Image of Chantal Bronkhorst of Katberg sharing her excitement after engaging non-boring copywriter, Stacey Fulton.

Chantal Bronkhorst

Chief Exploring Lioness, Katberg Tech and Digital (client agency)

We couldn’t be happier with Stacey’s work and would recommend her to anyone! (Well, almost anyone. If you want to be boring with average results – stay clear. Please).
Her writing is versatile – it doesn’t have to be “funny”. For example, she writes for my clients in the mental health space. The tone of voice required for these brands is not humorous at all, it’s very much about connecting with the customer on an emotional level.