How Can You Stand Out
In A Sea of Sameness?

Find your zing, AKA: your brand personality

Friend, it’s time for a heart-to-heart.
I want you to stop hiding behind your facade.
You know the one I’m talking about; the gotta-be-like-everyone-else mask.
I know it feels comfortable and safe. I know that when you wear it you fit in. I get it.
But I also know it feels stifling and restrictive. Right?
It’s time for you to stand out. Make some noise.
First, I have just one question.

Who are you? No really, who are you?

If you don’t know, how can you expect your potential customer to know?

Take a look in the mirror.

That’s you in all your gloriousness; don’t hide it – embrace it.
Now, what would happen if your business could take a glimpse in the mirror?
What would you see?

An entertainer?

Is your business reflection the life of the party, bringing laughter and joy to everything it creates? Does it give customers a sense of belonging, making people feel warmed and welcome with quick wit and humour?

A ruler?

Is your business reflection that of a role model and thought leader, creating a world of order and stability? Does it pride itself on its ability to deliver a sophisticated, professional product to your customers?


A hot mess?

Is your business reflection a thirteen-year-old teenager, experiencing 28 emotions. All. At. Once.
No judgement here, I get it. Problem is your customers don’t.
In fact, it confuses them. So they don’t buy from you.

Here’s the truth

To consistently attract your perfect person,
you need to be consistent.

Let’s talk branding

What’s the very thing that distinguishes your business from the rest? Your brand’s personality.
Your brand personality isn’t just your logo – it’s your zing, your values, your point of difference.
It’s what you see in the mirror; what your perfect person experiences when in your presence.
The all-encompassing key to creating a ride-or-die customer.

Branding isn’t about what you do; it’s how you do it

Over to you

Are you curious what your brand personality might be?

Note: being boring is already taken by your competitors, it’s time for a different approach.
I’ve done the heavy lifting for you and found some non-boring options.

The Caregiver

The Explorer

The Entertainer

The Creator

The Hero

The Magician

The Caregiver

The Ruler

The Seducer

The Sage

The Rebel

The Neighbour

To be remarkable, you have to leave a mark.
Question is, what do you want your mark to be?


  • Knowing the brand attributes for your business personality; your own branding playbook per se
  • Understanding your brand’s point of difference, so you can stand out in the sea of sameness and make a true connection with your audience
  • Attracting your perfect people, the raving brand advocates who go on to recommend you to their entire circle

You can. Right Now. From the comfort of your cushy chair. 



…*cue the bongos*…

The Brand Personality Quiz

This interactive quiz will take you on a branding journey like no other. Designed using decades of research, using simple (yet fun) word association techniques to discover your unique brand personality. Finally, you can uncover the answer to the question I know you’ve been asking since first creating your business: will your empire grow to be a sparkling unicorn or a knight in shining armour?
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Hey, I’m Stacey 

Friend, I’ve been in your shoes (metaphorically speaking).

Man, I wore those no-frills, no-personality, standard-issue shoes for too many years.

See, I thought I had to wear the same shoes as everyone else to you know…fit in. 

Until the day I tossed those uncomfortable shoes in the Salvo’s bin and donned some foot attire that matched my personality, and most importantly, felt comfortable..

Was I scared of what people might say? Kinda.

But, you wanna know what happened? I attracted clients that found my style refreshing and real. 

Like a true rebel, I chose boots, coz they matched my ripped jeans and Metallica shirt.

I’m curious…what would your choice be?

Just to be clear: I’m not actually talking about your shoes. I’m talking about your personality. The one you let shine through your business. Your brand personality. 

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Brand Personality Quiz

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