– The Sealed Section –

No shiny-toothed expressions here. Some days the chaos of raising six rowdy kids while running three businesses means these pearly whites are the last to get any love. Attractive much? Curious about the happenings behind my closed doors? Spoiler alert: it’s offensively dirty – but probs not in the way you’re thinking. Pour yourself somethin’ refreshing (you’ll need stamina) and meet me where the magic happens…my Red Room living room. Aka the control central for all things family and business.

  – Seduction 101 –

How you can woo your ideal client and get the home run…the right way. And by ‘right way’, I mean they return…with friends. Because honestly, there’s nothing more fulfilling than having a steady stream of willing participants. Consider this your black book of marketing dos and don’ts; the ultimate seduction secrets to have ‘em begging to pay for your time together. I will warn you though, I hate creeps, so if you’re looking for slimy marketing tactics, perhaps check out the websites of the superfly white-toothed guys.

  – Banging Brand Boners –

Some brands know how to arouse. How to (metaphorically) touch a person – eliciting involuntary bodily actions like blushing, snorting, or laughing (even better, the climactic trifecta). They fill their customer’s souls with excitement and euphoria, reading their primal needs, and delivering an exceptional experience that fulfils all their secret desires. These (smart) brands convert booty calls to loyal ride-or-dies (brand advocates), who can’t help but come back for more. Time and time again.